Blackjack – a game that you can win using the blackjack strategy chart

Blackjack strategy chart

Casinos, including online resources, have many gambling games for gambling fans, such as roulette, video poker, baccarat, gaming slots and other variations. Even if Blackjack is not the most popular among them (slot machines and roulette dispute this place among themselves), it is reliably considered to be the game with the greatest chance of winning, among all gambling games. So how do you win at blackjack? There are several strategies.

Table with win percentage

To use any blackjack strategy chart, it is necessary that the table meets certain requirements. So, for example, to apply tables for doubling the bet, it is necessary that there are no more than eight decks at the table, and the dealer stops at 17. According to professional players, such a table increases the player’s advantage by 1.43%.

Application of the basic strategy blackjack chart allows not only to save half the bet in the event of an unsuccessful distribution, but also to reduce the chances of winning of an institution by 0.07% with each delivery.

Thus, it is extremely important not only to choose the optimal strategy, but also to assess the conditions that this table offers for its implementation. You should always consider the table factor when playing blackjack strategy chart in online casinos.

Basic strategy

Most players choose the basic strategy blackjack chart, which consists in using special tables to track the remaining cards at the dealer. This blackjack basic strategy chart is the most commonly used tactic for players in this gambling card game. Some sites even offer special online soft in the form of a table for players in online casinos.

The use of the basic blackjack strategy chart allows you to compare cards on your own hand and the hand of the dealer, and make your choice depending on what opportunities are available for bets. Unfortunately, this strategy can only be used in online casinos, but not in games with live dealers. First of all, before the game you need to study the basic blackjack strategy chart proposed in the table with all its features.

Other strategies to win

There are also strategies that involve the use of split tables, or otherwise called a double-pair split strategy. The basis for this strategy is the separation of aces and eights. The whole point of split is to double the bet in cases when the dealer deals two identical cards to the player. In this case, the player receives two independent hands instead of one hand. This type of blackjack strategy chart requires a good study before application, which is often underestimated by beginners playing card counting, and at the same time, players lose a large amount of money. The main mistake of beginners is to perform split in any situation, which leads to the loss of large sums of money.

Another popular blackjack strategy chart is the use of doubling tables. Everyone knows that the rules of the game in blackjack allow you to double the bet after the player received the starting set of cards. In such cases, three features must be considered:

  • upon doubling, the player is dealt only one additional card;
  • most casinos have additional conditions for doubling, which you should learn about in advance, before the game;
  • Before doubling, it is imperative to consider which cards the dealer has.

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